» Experimenting with GHPages and Jekyll

It’s been almost a year since I moved back into a generalist role away from nearly a decade looking at software and hardware security for consumer electronics (Chromebook, Pixel). As I look back, I realize just how little I documented or archived. I can see the digital artifacts littering HOME directories across a number of systems as well as work-internal documents (as well as some external ones!).

When my office space starts to look like this, I clean it up. I reorganize it. I sell things. I trash things. I move furniture around. (I’ve also been a remote worker for over a decade now.) I haven’t made the same effort with my digital office. It’s been more like katamari. I’ve also stopped documenting my hobby projects. Much like with a messy office, I’ve let the digital clutter and bursting backlog overwhelm even incremental progress.

So today is step one. I’m migrating my busted old self-hosted, statically generated blog over to Jekyll and GitHub Pages. And to keep myself from finding other excuses not to do the migration, I just did it all via the GH web interface. I’m by no means done. I need to actually migrate a number of files and old bzr repos over. But now, if I feel like it, I can write and publish.

I thought I would migrate over to Google+ when that was a thing. It turns out that a social platform, for me, is not the same as a static site – blog or otherwise. I didn’t use it much, and it’s gone anyway.

I’ll probably write more about coffee machine hacks, cool backpack materials, or how much fun microsoldering is rather than prior topics. Or maybe this is it for another decade. We’ll see!

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